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    Important: these outfits are replacements, therefore it can affect character appearances in the time machine feature, example if you installed one of Vegeta's outfit then the Android Saga Vegeta get these skins during the replay, regarding the questioning mod!!! I suggest to deactivate these mods (easy way to use a mod manager) during your play with the time machine!

    Greetings Kakarot Fans!

    This mod contains 7 Outfits to replace Endgame Vegeta suit:
    VegetaBattleSuit1 (2 shoulderpads)
    VegetaBattleSuit1Damaged1 (1 shoulderpad)
    VegetaBattleSuit1Damaged2 (No shoulderpad)
    VegetaBattleSuit2 (Namek Saga 2nd outfit)
    VegetaBattleSuit2Damaged1 (Namek Saga 2nd outfit+stomach damage)
    VegetaBattleSuit2Damaged2 (Namek Saga 2nd outfit+stomach and Frieza beam damage)
    VegetaTrainingSuit (Majin Buu Saga outfit)

    *Note: this package doesn't includes Super and Majin Vegeta outfit because it needs to figure out how to mod them
    Badman Vegeta mod is already exists: https://kakarotmods.com/mods/permanent-badman-vegeta/

    Thanks to the Modders of DBZ Kakarot Workshop, they gave me the ideas to make this project possible!

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    Create a ~mods folder inside the Paks folder of your game and put the pak file into it.

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    1.0 - 7 outfits added

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