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    A modmanager designed to make installing and setting up mods easier.

    NOTE: KakarotModManager works best with mods in its own folder with a mod.ini file!

    To install mods:
        For other sites like kakarotmods:

    1. Download the mod you want to install
    2. Drag the file into the mod list in KakarotModManager

         For GameBanana:

    1. Find the mod you want to install
    2. Click the 1-Click Install button
    3. A pop-up should come up asking if you want to run KakarotModManager, Click Open
    4. Click Download on the bottom right

    For info on how to create a mod.ini which I would recommend, Please read KakarotModManager's GameBanana page.


  • speaker_notesInstallation

    If using Steam:

    1. Run KakarotModManager.exe
    2. Read and follow any prompts if given

    If you somehow install Kakarot without Steam:

    1. Place it where you installed Kakarot
    2. Run KakarotModManager.exe
    3. Read and follow any prompts if given


  • event_noteChangelog

    1.0-3: Fixed conflict with HedgeModManager

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