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     I made this to replace the English interface with the Japanese one, since I saw some Steam users complaining the game didn't have it, I ripped the Japanese game and ported its interface.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    First you'll need to have the English interface selected in the game language properties from your library.
    Then download the .zip file.
    Open the zip and drag the ~mods folder inside the "/%path_to_game%/DRAGON BALL Z KAKAROT/AT/Content/Paks/" folder.

  • event_note Changelog

    1.40 Updated the mod for version 1.40.

    1.30 Updated the mod for version 1.30.

    1.20 Updated the mod for version 1.20.

    1.10 Updated the mod for version 1.10.

    1.04 Updated the mod for version 1.04.

    1.01 Fixed the messages before and after battle.

    1.0 Initial release.

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  • UploaderJosou Kitsune
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  • Mod Version1.40
  • Supported Game Version1.40
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  • UpdatedNov 21, 2020
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