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    Toggles almost all the HUD on / off.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    To Install the mod:

    After downloading the mod, go to DRAGON BALL Z KAKAROTATBINARIESWIN64  (where AT-Win64-Shipping.exe is) and extract the "HudToggle" folder.

    After starting the game with you can toggle the HUD with either the "Home" key.

    If you want to change the key binding, simply open d3dx.ini in the HudToggle folder and find this:


    and change it to whichever key you want. Just make sure it's in the Microsoft virtual key code format (ex: Scroll Lock button would be VK_SCROLL)


    • This was created and tested with Nvidia hardware.
    • This will also disable some menu elements, so you will have to toggle it off it you want to use the menu.

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  • Mod Version1.0
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  • UpdatedAug 11, 2020
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