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    Hello, as we say better "late than never", then I present you the mods of the two scenes of goku and vegeta when they make the Spirit bomb.
    The First: vegeta who speaks to earthlings.
    The second: Goku who tries to convince the earthlings.
    For the substitles I had to create and insert them into the videos. So works only with Japanese voices.
    You can still try with English voices if you want but there may be a lag.

    The files are :
    C04_80_S050 :
    C04_80_S060 :

    There are 2 versions :
    Eng : English version
    Fr : French version

  • speaker_notes Installation

    1) Make a copy of the files C04_80_S050 and C04_80_S060 just in case.

    2) Extract files where you want.

    3) Copy the files into copy according to the version you want into Dragon Ball Z KakarotATContentMovies and overwrite if ask.

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 : Final version.

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