Father-Son Kamehameha | SFX and BGM edited for JP and ENG DUB | Cutscene |

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    Completely re-did 90% of the sound effects (were they were needed to be edited) and BGM for this scene. Both JP and ENG dub are included.

    I was not happy with how this scene BGM was quite lackluster. I mean it was a complete let down. I added better sound effects to make it sound more like the anime.

    Tracks used for the edit:

    21. Goku Confronts Tullece Once And For All | Shunsuke Kikuchi

    05 - Son Goku Has Arrived | Shunsuke Kikuchi

    30. Day of Destiny: Spirit vs Spirit | Dragon Ball Ragin Blast 2 version


    P.S You can only have one of the two versions.

    Feel free to give me feedback as I want to improve my editing skills and become sharper...just like a certain technique lol

  • speaker_notes Installation

    MAKE A BACKUP OF C03_100_S040_mov!!!

    1.Extract the zip file

    2.Place the DRAGON BALL Z KAKAROT folder into C:||Steam|Library|steamapps|common

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    Fixed broken link

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