DBZK Save 100% Complete

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    ***I don't know if you need the DLC's to use my save, but i have all the DLC's, so you can just try to see if it works.***

    *This is a 100% save (as far as the game allow me) of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

    *Main campaign 100%

    *All side quests complete (except for 2 that are bugged for me, can't do nothing about)

    *All Master Roshi's Challenges 100% 

    *encyclopedia Z 100%

    *Maximum level in all communities

    *All characters skill tree 100% (supports included)

    *Both vehicles are at maximum level (50)

    *All races completed in First place with both vehicles

    *First place at all 4 baseball challenges

    *All Dragon Ball Z wishes used (except for the 3 that you can repeat infinitely)

    Thats all i remember now.







  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Just extract to Steam/usardata/(yourSteamId)/851850

    I hope you know where your Steam folder is


  • event_noteChangelog

    Just uploaded my latest save 100%, instead of all my other saves which was unnecessary.

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