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  • descriptionDescription

    The DBZ Kakarot Mod Manager will help you to add and manage which mods you want to enable / disable at any time

    If you have any feedback feel free to use the comment section.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Dependencies and prerequisites required to use this Tool


    On your first launch, you will be greeted by a window that asks you to locate the DRAGON BALL Z KAKAROT folder
    Default location: C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/DRAGON BALL Z KAKAROT

    Once you have selected the DRAGON BALL Z KAKAROT folder, you will no longer have to define it.

    If you move the game folder, you can redefine the location of the folder by pressing the Set Game Location button.

    Adding mods

    Press the button Add a new mod to choose the .pak file you want to install in your game.

    You can also drag an drop .pak file(s) directly on the Mod Manager.

    Enable / Disable mods

    Check the box to enable the mods you want
    Uncheck the box to disable the mods you don't want to use

  • event_noteChangelog

    ADDITION: Options tab to customize your settings
    ADDITION: Color scheme settings
    OVERHAUL: Complete new style
    TWEAK: Removed the About button to make a tab out of it

    BUGFIX: An error message saying the folder couldn't be found can appear even if it's not the case
    BUGFIX: After choosing a folder for the game, the Mod Manager will duplicate itself

    ADDITION: Button to launch the game via Steam

    ADDITION: Drag and drop allowed with one or multiple .pak files
    ADDITION: Multiple .pak selection allowed with the Add mods button
    ADDITION: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish translation added
    OVERHAUL: More check to be sure the folder selected is correct

    BUGIFX: Fixed a problem where disabled mods can sometime still be activated

    Initial Release

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  • UpdatedMay 15, 2020
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