DBS Ending 10 Intro Replacer

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    This mod replaces the stock intro movie with the intro from Dragonball Super Ending 10 (RottenGraffty - 70cm Square Window). The music is the Japanese version with English subs. 1080p 20mbps.

    This one just made sense. Amazing music matched to an animation that describes Goku's journey and it's lonely start. Hope you guys enjoy this one.

    V2.0 now available. Creditless with higher quality sources.

    Dragonball Super Ending 10 Intro Replacer

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    Installation instructions included in the download.

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  • Uploaderxenoversechecker
  • ModderPieEyedPiper
  • Mod VersionV2.0
  • Supported Game Version1.04
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  • UpdatedFeb 11, 2020
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