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    This will only work if you have the new dlc installed.

    Was never planning on uploading this but seeing as the original no longer works i thought i would upload my version that i fixed. This is pretty much EpicBlueDrops original Faulconer Music Mod but I've changed roughly 40-50% of the songs in it to ones i prefer.
    Some people might not be happy with that and i'm sorry but i have no plans to change songs in it, unless a couple of them are broken from updating it for the dlc. I haven't changed the new songs that were added, i might do it further down the line but no promises.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Just extract it into your games folder e.g (steam/steamapps/common/) 

    Also might be worth making a backup of the original bgm as this replaces it.

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  • Mod Version1.0
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  • UpdatedMay 5, 2020
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