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      did you know if they would introduce characters from saint seiya or naruto (madara, pein), ectrr instead of dbz? and new magic? is it possible?
      It would be good to also change the dragons of the world for the game of thrones, hehe. And above all it would be very good. Gore. I know it is soon to ask, but will it be posible?
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      give it a few weeks weve allready got deku and jotaro and a bunch of persona protagnists(all were missing is naoya from persona 1 ,tatsuya from persona 2 and minako from persona 3: portable.) so its only a matter of time before someone puts in the knucklehead ninja,madara and peinĀ  into the game as for characters from saint seiya im not sure it might be a while tho. (Iv yet to watch saint seyia but iv heard its long and pretty darn good)

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