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      So we have a mod that allows us to toggle different characters but I really wish we could switch to different costumes and sagas/ages. For example I would really loved to play as super Vegeta being that he is my favorite character and I only got to use him once. Also I would like to be able to switch to super saiyan vegeta in free roam. For now I will wait paitiently until a skilled enough modder comes along and makes this happen.

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      gonna be honest that sounds like a cool idea problem is the costumes are tied to progression so the modder may have their work cut out for them but i would love to run around as say teen gohan in the buu saga or even post cameĀ  or hell play as cell saga super vegeta(who i noticed you dont even get to use out side of side of 2 fights and then fighting aganist vegeta as gohan in the intermission chapter of the cell saga) hopefully someone does indeed do this dude.

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      This would be awesome, A few minutes ago I was thinking of something like this, cuz I want to stay in the yardrat costume for goku.

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